Care homes

Some people may find that they can no longer cope at home and may need to consider taking the step of moving into a care home. However before you consider moving into a care home, there may be some options available to you that can help you continue to live independently.

There is a wide range of services if you are finding it difficult living in your home.

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Depending on your situation, there are also different housing optionsavailable.

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Residential and nursing homes

Care homesprovide a place to live for people who can no longer continue tostay in their own home safely. They provideaccommodation, meals andcare and support from staff 24 hours a day.

Residential andnursing homes are calledcare homes.

Residential care homesprovide support with personal care including help with washing, dressing, going to the toilet and getting out of bed. District nurses carry out anynursing tasks.

Nursing care homesprovide more care by having qualified nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day.Here the needs of residents are too complex to be met within residential homes.

Arranging a care home

If you decide that you wantto live in a care home and require help with making the arrangement or paying for your care home thenyou can contact Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services.

Complete online contact form or telephone 020 8708 7333

If you do not need help from us, you can choose the home that appeals to you and make the arrangements yourself with the support of family andfriends.

Deciding on a care home

Care homes are mostly run by private individuals and voluntary organisations. Some Councils do run their own homes but Redbridge Council does not.

The Redbridge Care Directory provides information on all the care homes in the borough and the facilities they provide. It includes homes suitable for people with learning disabilities, physical and/or sensory disability and mental health problems.

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When you are considering which home to move into Age UK has a useful checklist for you to go through.

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Independent Age, the older people’s charity has a free guide, How to find the right care home. It looks at what to consider when choosing a care home, from essential practical questions like cost and location, to tips on how to research care homes and draw up a shortlist, and what to look for when visiting them.

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All care homes have to be registered and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Useful guidance on the standards you can expect from care homes is available from the Care Quality Commission.

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If you are going to get help from Redbridge Adult Social Services then your social worker will help you choose theright home by suggesting the sort of care that you need, help you work out what you want from a home and give you information about homes that might suit your needs.

Cost of a care home

If you decide to contact Redbridge Adult Social Services then the amount you contribute towards the care homewill depend upon your ownfinancial circumstance.You will need to complete a financial assessment so that your contribution is at an amount you can afford to pay. Asocial worker will help you with this and advise you of the outcome.

You can also get an idea of the cost ofa care homeby contacting the home directly.

There is information available for homeowners paying for residential and nursing care.

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