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Service summary

The Redbridge Care Directory can help you to choose the right care home.

A checklist to make finding a care home easier
Homes vary enormously. They can offer a variety of facilities to meet varying needs and create different atmospheres. The best way to decide if a home is right for you is to visit the home and ask questions. Think about the sort of things you want to find out about. The following questions may help you:

1. The home
- What is the quality rating of the home? 
This can be found on the CQC website ( - under the individual inspection report.
- Is the home clean and well decorated? 
- What are the furnishings like? Are they in good condition? 
- Are there smoking and non-smoking areas? 
- Are the bedrooms single or shared? Do the bedrooms appear clean and airy? Can you bring your own furniture? Can you stay in your room when you want and do you have your own key?
- Does the home have the right equipment to meet your needs? Does the home have a variety of bathing options and access for wheelchairs or walking aids? How far is it to the nearest bathroom? Can you choose a bath or shower?
- Is there a garden?
- Are you close to family and friends?
- What are your first impressions? Do you feel welcome when you arrive?  Does the overall appearance of the home and its facilities appeal to you?
- Does the home have a clear policy on how it will meet religious and cultural needs?

2. Care standards
- What are the staff like? Is there enough staff to look after the residents? Do they treat you with respect and courtesy?
- Does it seem like a happy place? Do most of the residents seem content? 
- Are there set visiting times, or can family visit when they choose to? 
- Are there extra wheelchairs, walking frames and other mobility equipment available? Is there a lift onsite?
- Are medicines securely kept and dispensed when needed? 
- Can you choose your own doctor?

3. Leisure
- What is the food like? Is there a choice of menu? 
- Take a look at the menu - do they cater for people with special dietary needs?   
- Can you eat whenever you want or are there set meal times?
- What leisure activities are on offer and how often?
- Are there any special events?
- Do they acknowledge any events from other cultures?
- What entertainment facilities are on offer? 
- Is there anything for people to enjoy on their own and as part of a group?
- Is there a communal lounge? When can it be used and by whom?     

How long do I have to make my mind up?
Most care homes offer a trial period of seven days or even a couple of weeks.  Don't give up your home until you have given yourself enough time to be sure that this is what you want. 
These are just a few questions you might want to ask. For more information and advice, please contact the Community Care Centre using the details provided.  
Source: extracted from Redbridge Care Directory 2010 (available in PDF format on Redbridge i)

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