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Service summary

Norwood is the UK’s largest Jewish charity supporting people with learning disabilities and children and families in need. They believe that regardless of disadvantage or disability, everyone should receive the support they need to reach their potential and enjoy life to the full.

The services at Norwood are tailored according to individual needs and cover the following areas:

- unity: recreational services for children aged 5 to 18 years with disabilities
- in-betweeners: recreational transition group for young people/adults with disabilities (aged 16 to 25 years)
- links: recreational group for adults with disabilities (18+years)
- parent and toddler sessions for Jewish families with children (aged 4 and under) 
- counselling for students of Jewish secondary and primary schools
- volunteering opportunities
- housing: help for people to live in their own home and one which meets their particular needs
- supported employment service designed to provide training and work experience; and to help individuals deceide upon the work that they would like to do 


Norwood covers three core priniciples: home, school and life. The charity provides support to people to help them reach their potential throughout their life by offering:
- support
- advice
- educational services
- providing guidance to young people as they prepare to become adults
- adoption
- learning disabilities
- visits to Israel
- housing
- short breaks for young people
- supported living for pople with learning disabilities to enable them to live in their own home
- services to aid adults' wellbeing
- services to aid childrens' wellbeing
- hydrotherapy pool at Ravenswood
- health and wellbeing centre at Bearstead in Hackney
- leisure and sports

In Redbridge, Norwood is based at the Leonard Sainer Centre within the grounds of King Solomon High School in Barkingside.

Branch address:
Forest Road,
King Solomn High School
Ilford IG6 3HB

Telephone: 020 8559 6200
Fax: 020 8500 8251

Service details


Opening times

Monday to Thursday - 9.00am to 5.30pm and Fridays - 9.00am to 1.00pm.

The page was last updated on 15 January 2015

Main address

Broadway House
80 - 82 The Broadway

Main telephone

020 8880 8809

Organisation email