Direct payments

Easy read - direct payments A direct payment is one way to receive your personal budget.
Direct payments given to you A direct payment is money paid to you from the Council to buy the support you need.

It is a different way of getting your support.

The Council gives you the money instead of a service.
Choosing how to spend DP With direct payments you are in control.

  • You can choose who supports you
  • You can choose how they support you
  • You can choose when you get your support
Thumbs up for DP You can use your direct payment:

  • To pay for personal care, for example help with washing and dressing
  • To have a personal assistant. A personal assistant is somebody who works for you
  • So that your carer can have a break
Thumbs down for DP What you spend your direct payment on is up to you as long as this meets the outcomes agreed with your social worker in your support plan.

The Council will let you know what you can’t spend the money on.
Bank If you choose to have a direct payment, money can be paid into your bank account. A bank account is somewhere you keep your money. You can pay money in and take money out of your account.

Or money can be paid to someone that you know.

It will not affect your benefits.
Roles of CDL team Choosing direct payments does not mean you have to do everything by yourself. You can get lots of help and support
Information To find out more about direct payments or to apply to get one, contact the Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services. Have a look at the Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services page.