Different places There are lots of places to go and different things to do in Redbridge.
Gym There are two leisure centres in Redbridge called Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre and Wanstead Leisure Centre. You can go swimming and join fitness classes.
Park It can be nice to go for a walk around one of the local parks. Find a list of parks on Redbridge Council's website.
Redbridge museum Redbridge museum has different exhibitions and events which you can visit. You do not have to pay to get into the museum. Find out more about what's happening at Redbridge Museum on Redbridge Council's website.
Cinema Going to the cinema can cost a lot of money. If you go with a parent or carer they can get a free or cheaper ticket if they have a Cinema Exhibitors Association Card. Go to the Cinema Exhibitors Association Card website for an application form.

You can see films at Cineworld, Ilford and Odeon Cimena, Woodford.
Kenneth More Theatre If you enjoy acting and the theatre, visit the Kenneth More Theatre and Redbridge Drama Centre.
Library You can join the library at any branch in Redbridge. At the library you can borrow books, CD’s, films and talking books. You can also use the computer. Find a local library near you on Redbridge Council's website.
Uniting Friends logo Uniting Friends run daytime, evening and weekend activities. You can take park in sports, life skills, dance and cooking. Have a look at Uniting Friends website.
Pop up cafe The Pop Up Cafe is run by Barnardo’s and Uniting Friends and you can meet new people and get advice and support. It is open on Fridays from 5pm to 9pm.
Groovy club You can go out in the evening to a night club called Groovy Cat Club in Ilford. It is for people with learning disabilities and their friends who are over 18 years old. The cost is £3.00.