Paying bills

Getting bills

If you are moving into your own home you will get bills for things like rent, gas, electricity, water, council tax and TV licence.

A bill tells you how much you need to pay for the services you use.

Bank If you don’t have one, you may need to open a bank account to help you look after your money and keep it safe.

You can take your money out over the counter, or using a cashpoint machine.

You can read more about how to open a bank account on the Mencap website.

Bills The different bills you may get are:

  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Water bill
  • Council Tax - If you do not earn very much money and you have less than £16,000 in savings you can get Council Tax Benefit.
  • TV licence - You can ask for a TV licence savings card so that you can pay a bit each month at any shop with a Pay Point sign
Different benefits You may be able to claim some benefits from the Government to help you pay your bills. For more information have a look at the benefits page.