Personal budget

Easy read - personal budgets A personal budget is money given to you to help meet your social care needs.

It is money you can get from Redbridge Council to pay for your care and support needs.
Assessment To receive a personal budget, you will need to have an assessment.

The assessment is where Redbridge Council finds out what care and support you need. If your support needs are high enough, you may be offered a personal budget.
Planning with friends and family You will need to write a support plan to say how you will spend the money. Your family, friends or social worker can help you do this.
Taking personal budget out You can choose to take your personal budget as a direct payment or let Redbridge Council look after your money for you.
Information To find out more about personal budgets contact the Community Learning Disability Team. Have a look at theCommunity Learning Disability Team page.

More information:

In-control website has steps on how you can be in control of your support.

Mencap website has a good leaflet explaining personal budgets.