If you are finding it difficult at home with daily tasks, there is a range of specially designed equipment to help make life easier and enable you to live independently in your own home.

This could be a kettle tipper to help you to pour water, or a perching stool so you can sit down whilst preparing and cooking food. You might have problems carrying items from room to room, so a height adjustable trolley may help you.

Purchasing your own equipment

You can buy simple equipment from high street shops. Look out for specialist retailers in Redbridge which have received ‘Accreditation’ status for providing advice about equipment and demonstrating how it works. Accredited retailers will display this logo in a prominent location within their shop windows.

Download list of local accredited retailers 

There are also a number of national and voluntary organisations that can provide you with information and advice if you are considering buying equipment for yourself or someone else. See the useful links section at the bottom of the page.

The provider of the Community Equipment Service on behalf of Redbridge Council 

Medequip Assistive Technology 

Request an assessment

Some people may be able to get equipment from Redbridge Council and NHS Redbridge. Your equipment needs will need to be assessed and depending on the outcome you may be given an equipment prescription.

This prescription can then be taken to any accredited retailer and exchanged for the item you need. The prescription will provide you with a basic item but you can pay extra to upgrade this to a more expensive one in a colour or design of your choice.

Download equipment for daily living leaflet

Complete online contact form to make a request for an assessment to Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services, or telephone 0208 708 7333.

Removal of equipment

It is the responsibility of the home owner or next of kin to arrange the removal of any fixed equipment such as stairlifts, rails, ceiling track and hoists that have been installed through a Disabled Facility Grant. The Council will not be able to fund the removal of these items. You may be able to arrange for the manufacturer/provider to collect the item.

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