HIV and Aids


With an early diagnosis and effective treatment, most people with HIV won't develop any AIDS-related illnesses. People living with HIV on treatment can now experience the same life expectancy and health outcomes as those without the virus. With the right treatment, people living with HIV who take daily medication, cannot pass on the virus to their partners.

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Why should I test for HIV?

  1. Testing is the only way you will know for certain if you have HIV.
  2. Getting tested makes sure you get the treatment and support you need.
  3. Testing can identify HIV early, meaning you can live a healthier longer life.
  4. By testing, you can take steps to prevent yourself from passing HIV on.

Where can I get tested for HIV?

To find out more about where you can get tested visit the local sexual health services page.

Living with HIV

If you or anyone you know is affected by the virus, you can continue to lead a normal life and maintain your independence - though sometimes support may be needed.

There is help locally available from the community HIV support service, provided by Positive East. It can offer support including one to one sessions via face to face or telephone, group sessions, prevention advice and engagement with people living with HIV.

Visit Positive East website or contact 020 7791 2855

Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services can provide services and support. The team will provide a range of support which includes access to counselling services, help with day to day living, care services and advice on benefits, housing and financial matters.If you think that you will benefit from any of the services provided, an assessment of your needs will need to be carried out. If you are eligible, then the team will contact you to set up the service.

Complete online contact form or telephone 020 8708 7333

First Aid for people with HIV/Aids

Please find information HERE on how to administer first aid to someone who has HIV/aids.

Are you ready to ‘Rock’ the ribbon?

There will be a range of events to commemorate this day in Redbridge. Please visit Positive East at for an updated schedule for the day.

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