Learning disability

There is a learning disability easy read section on this website.

If you have a learning disability it shouldn't stop you living an independent life.

A learning disability is a lifelong condition, usually present at birth or early childhood, that can affect a person's ability to learn, understand and communicate information. They may find it difficult to learn new skills, have a reduced ability to manage independently and may need significant support in some areas.

Support in Redbridge

Redbridge Council has two learning disability locality bases across the borough for people with learning disabilities.

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Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services is made up of social and health care professionals who work with adults who have a learning disability and their carers. They can help you to find out what you want and need, support you to stay healthy and help you learn skills to enable you to care for yourself. If you need support, then they will need to carry out an assessment of what your needs are to see if you would be entitled to receive services from the Council.

Complete an online contact form or telephone 020 8708 7333.

Uniting Friends is a social inclusion project for adults with a learning disability, living in Redbridge and surrounding boroughs. It provides opportunities for people to take part in social activities and provides befriending and support services in the community.

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If you need help with getting your voice heard, the Daffodil Advocacy Project provides information and advocacy. They can also support young people, who are beginning to move towards independence, find and access services they may need. Contact 020 8554 2328 or email info@daffodiladvocacy.org.

Redbridge Forum provides support to people with learning disabilities and their carers to speak up. They organise consultation events and encourage organisations to work in partnership with them.

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There is a parent-led forum called Interface in Redbridge for parents and carers of children and young adults, aged 0 to 25, with disabilities. It engages with the Council and health to promote parent participation so that strategic service planning and delivery better meet the needs of disabled children and young adults.

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There are also a number of national and voluntary organisations that can provide you with information and advice. See the useful links section at the bottom of the page.

Useful links

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External websites: Uniting Friends, Redbridge Forum, Interface parent-led forum, Mencap, British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)