Preparing meals

Good nutrition is important at any age but many people don’t eat properly because they experience problems preparing food or feeding themselves. There are a wide range of helpful services available to help you with this.

Help with shopping

Age UK Redbridge, Barking & Havering offer older people a service called Daisy Fresh. Daisy Fresh provides help with shopping as well as home care, help with correspondences or bills and assistance to bathe and shower safety.

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Most supermarkets also now offer online shopping and home delivery if you are unable to go out shopping for yourself.

Ready meals

If making a hot meal for yourself is difficult, you can look at buying ready meals from any supermarket. These only need heating up in an oven or microwave. Ready meals can cater for a range of dietary needs including diabetics, low fat, gluten free and vegetarian.

You can also choose to have your meals supplied by a private organisation.

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Lunch clubs

Lunch clubs are a great way to come together and share a nutritious meal. It provides an opportunity for you to remain independent, make friends and try out new activities. Charges and operating times for lunch clubs can vary.

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Equipment to help you

If you have problems opening jars or using some cooking utensils, there is a range of specially designed equipment that can help make preparing and eating food simpler. This could be a kettle tipper to help you to pour water or a perching stool so you can sit down whilst preparing and cooking food.

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