Flu vaccination

Get winter protection with a flu jab

Flu is a highly infectious and very common illness that anyone can catch through coughs and sneezes.

For most people, flu is unpleasant but not serious and you will usually recover within a week. However, certain people are at greater risk of developing serious complications from flu such as bronchitis and pneumonia. These conditions could lead to hospital treatment or even death among those who are most at risk.

To protect yourself get your annual flu jab from your GP. The flu vaccine is recommended for the following people:

  • Everyone aged 65 and over
  • People aged six months to 65 with one of the following: heart problem, chest complaint or breathing difficulties, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, lowered immunity due to disease or treatment, neurological condition
  • All pregnant women
  • School children in years one, two and three
  • Two, three and four-year-old children
  • Everyone living in a residential or nursing home
  • Everyone who cares for an older or disabled person
  • Household contacts of anyone who is immunocompromised
  • All frontline health and social care workers

To get your flu jab contact your GP or it may also be available from your local pharmacist.

You can stop yourself catching flu or spreading it to others by being careful with your hygiene. Always wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

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