Assessment and eligibility

If you are looking for information about services and support to help you keep well and maintain your independence, you will be able to find what you need by searching this website.

Care and support assessment

If you think you need more help you can contact Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services to discuss your needs. You will need a wellbeing assessment to decide if you are eligible.

We can arrange social care support for adults who, for example, struggle with daily tasks such as dressing, washing and staying safe.

Complete online form or telephone 020 8708 7333

Eligibility for care

Eligibility criteria are rules to ensure Redbridge Council provide services fairly to support those people whose needs most seriously affect their independence.

The government has set a national eligibility criteria that all councils need to consider when assessing what help can be given. Redbridge Council must use this framework.

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Paying for care and services

Social care services, unlike health care, are not free for everyone. Most people will have to contribute something towards the cost of their care with some people having to pay the full cost.

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