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Complaints, Comments and Compliments

Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing

Redbridge Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing is committed to providing the best possible service to our residents. The complaints, comments and compliments that we receive are important in developing our services.

This information is for people who want to make a complaint, comment or compliment about:

  • a service they are receiving from Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing or have received and/or
  • a decision made by Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing involving a person


If you are unhappy about our service we would like you to tell us about it, for example:

  • staff conduct
  • funding decisions
  • a social worker
  • a placement
  • a care assessment

Most concerns can be resolved without making a formal complaint by contacting the member of staff who provides the service or the team manager. You can tell them your concerns and they will try to find a solution by the end of the next working day.

If the matter is not resolved by the end of the next working day, you can request the issue to be dealt with as a formal complaint by completing our online form.

Make a complaint 

Are you concerned about the safety of an adult 

If you are concerned about an adult please email adults.alert@redbridge.gov.uk to report your concerns.

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