Financial Assessments

What if users cannot afford the new charge? 

For any Adults Social Care service, the person receiving care will need to complete a Financial Assessment. This is to assess if the council will meet all costs of the person’s care, whether the person will need to contribute to their care costs or whether they will have to meet their full costs.

In this case, the financial assessment will determine whether you get lifeline for free or pay the full amount.

How does the Financial Assessment work?

You input details of your income, spending, savings and benefits you receive directly into an online form, then the website uses those sums to calculate if you have to pay for the service.

How to complete 

If you would like to complete a Financial Assessment, you can complete this on your own or with the support of your family/ friends/ carers. Simply go online by visiting: 

Alternatively, paper forms are available upon request and there is the option of a home-visit.

For more information email:

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