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The Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)

Everyday 250 people begin to lose their sight.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) estimates that there are two million people with sight loss in the UK. This includes 360,000 people who are registered blind or partially sighted.

It is estimated that by 2050, the number of people with sight loss in the UK will double to four million.

People with sight impairments face misperceptions and barriers every day (as all of us as well).

What can we do to make a difference?

At the London Borough of Redbridge, we want to ensure we are doing all we can to break down barriers to people with sight loss.

The Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) formally certifies someone as sight impaired or as severely sight impaired.

With the permission of the person, the CVI is shared so that the local authority in which they live can contact them to offer and explain the benefits of registration and to be included on the local sight loss register to ensure services are accessible as appropriate.

What happens when you have a CVI?

On behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge, Joseph Clarke Educational Service can provide advice, information and support for visually impaired young people aged up to 18.

Specialist workers can visit at home, pre-school and school settings, as well as providing information by phone and email.

For Adults over the age of 18, Action for Hearing Loss provide advice, information and support for sight loss.

When the London Borough of Redbridge has received a signed copy of CVI, they will contact Joseph Clarke or Action on Hearing Loss who will contact you directly.

You will also receive a yellow registration card on receipt of your signed CVI.

These Yellow Cards will benefit people as it may be useful when people are out and trying to get assistance, particularly as sensory loss may not be obvious to other people.

Furthermore, having this can help to prove people’s entitlement to concessions, including when they are visiting places of interest.

For more information, please contact People.infogovteam@redbridge.gov.uk.

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