Sensory impairment

If you have, or know someone who has, a visual or hearing impairment, there is support available.

You can register as blind or partially sighted with Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services. This often makes it easier for you to get support and practical help. Your GP will need to refer you to a consultant in the first instance.

Support in Redbridge

The Sensory Services Centre in Redbridge (part of Action on Hearing Loss) helps those who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, partially sighted or deafblind. The centre offers advice, information and training on sensory loss, demonstrations on sensory loss equipment and hearing aid maintenance, as well as drop in sessions at three different locations in Redbridge.

Visit Action on Hearing Loss website or contact 020 8551 7700 or 020 8551 7766 (textphone)

Redbridge Talking Newspaper Association is a charity which provides a free weekly audio recording (on USB memory stick) for the blind and partially sighted who live in Redbridge and those who have lived in Redbridge but have moved out of the borough. The stick contains both local news and magazine features. Any registered visually impaired person or anyone who has difficulty reading can receive our free service. 

Visit Talking Newspaper website or contact 020 8599 7128 and leave a message or email

If you need support in your daily activities or care for somebody who does, you can contact Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services. They will need to carry out an assessment of what your needs are to see if you would be entitled to receive services from the Council.

Complete online contact form or telephone 020 8708 7333

You can find out more about who to contact if you have sight loss on the Rebdridge sight loss pathway.

Download Redbridge sight loss pathway

Parking concessions

The Blue Badge scheme gives parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems, and the Redbridge Mobility Care scheme provides door to door transport for disabled residents. Free travel on London's public transport and local bus services is available through the Disabled Person's Freedom Pass.

Visit transport section

Help to live at home

If everyday life is becoming more difficult, a simple aid may make all the difference. There is information about different aids and adaptations in the equipment page of this website.

Visit equipment page

There are also a number of assistive technologies that can help you live a more independent life in your own home.

Visit Lifeline and Telecare page

Text message service

You can now contact King George and Queen’s hospitals by text message via your mobile phone. It can be used if you are unable to make your appointment, need to change the time or to confirm any other information with us.

All you need to do is send a text message letting them know what they can help with and you will get a reply back via text message.

The number is 07800 005 502 or email

Useful links

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