Short term support

Reablement is short-term support, which helps and encourages you to regain lost skills and confidence.

The service is for people over 18 who live in Redbridge and whose health or social care professional feels might benefit from reablement. 

Reablement takes the form of a short, intensive period of support and can last between one day and six weeks.

You might need extra support because:

  • you are returning home after being in hospital or temporary residential care
  • you have developed physical disabilities or a temporary illness
  • you are becoming older and require support to remain in your own home , or
  • there has been a change in circumstances relating to your care and support

What support is provided?

Our reablement staff will work with you to find out what you are capable of doing, what is causing your difficulties and what help can prevent your situation from getting worse. A member of the team, called a Support Worker, will visit you at your home to start supporting you with your goals. 

Support can include:

  • washing and dressing
  • meal preparation
  • household tasks and shopping
  • getting around and out of the house
  • getting involved in social and community activities

If it is agreed, after the assessment, that you would benefit from reablement, staff will talk with you and help put together a care plan. This care plan will involve a range of care and support to increase your ability to live independently in your own home - and make sure you feel safe and confident there.

Cost for the service

The North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) provide a free reablement service on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge for up to six weeks. 

If you require further support at the end of the reablement period, you will be referred to a member of the Redbridge Integrated Health and Adult Social Care Team for an assessment. 

If no further support is required or you are not eligible, Redbridge Integrated Health and Adult Social Care will provide information and advice about alternative community services that can support you to live independently and as safely as possible.

How to get in touch

Download reablement leaflet

Complete online contact form to make a request for an assessment to Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services or telephone 0208 708 7333

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