HM Revenue and Customs

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Service summary

Her Majesty's Revenues & Customs (HMRC) is the central government authority for the UK's tax and customs industry.

It oversees a range of employment services and is responsible for ensuring that money is available to fund public services, tax is charged appropriately, and trade operates legally & fairly.

Areas covered include:
- Income Tax
- Customs and Excise Duties
- National Insurance
- Corporation Tax
- Capital Gains
- Inheritance Tax
- Insurance Premium Tax 
- Stamp Duty
- Land and Petroleum Tax
- Environmental Tax
- Climate Change
- Landfill Tax
- Trade Statistics
- Tax Credits
- Child Benefit Payments 
- National Minimum Wage
- Recovery of Student Loan Repayments
- Tax Rebates
If there is a change in your personal circumstances, this could affect the amount of tax that you are required to pay.
You should contact the HMRC as soon as possible or if you are employed, your employer will usually inform the HMRC on your behalf to ensure that your are taxed correctly. Contact details for all departments are available on the HMRC website.  

Further information

- Textphone: 0300 200 3319
- Calling from outside the UK: +44 135 535 9022

Phone lines are less busy before 10am, Monday to Friday.
The page was last updated on 6 May 2015

Main address

Benton Park View
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

Main telephone

0800 200 3300