Learning Learning is an important part of life. Learning can be exciting and can help you make the most of your life.
Redbridge college You can learn by doing a course that leads to a job.

The local college is Redbridge College. Have a look at Redbridge College's website.

There is also the Redbridge Institute of Adult Education where you can learn courses for leisure or for work. Have a look at the
Redbridge Institute of Adult Education website.

Learndirect Learndirect have courses that you can do on the Internet at home. Have a look at the Learndirect website.

Redbridge day opportunties There are a number of day opportunities in Redbridge that can support you to learn the things you want like cookery, independent living and meeting new people.
Library A good place to learn things is a library. There are libraries over all Redbridge.

To find your local library, have a look at Redbridge Council's website.