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Living independently is a concern for many people. London Borough of Redbridge Lifeline and Telecare provide vulnerable and elderly residents, and those with special needs, the freedom to continue to live independently, secure in the knowledge that help will always be on hand when it is most needed.


Residents may have heard of Lifeline as ‘The Community Alarm System’. Should you sign up for the Service, you will be provided with an alarm which is programmed to your home telephone, and a pendant which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. When pressed, staff at the Redbridge Control Centre will be alerted to the fact that you need help and act appropriately.

Immediate support is provided 24 hours a day, and the Service can include text messaging for those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

To be eligible for the Redbridge Lifeline Service you must be resident in The Borough and have a land-line telephone. You will also need ideally two people who will be 'key holders' who can get to your address quickly to ensure the appropriate assistance can secure entry to your home. This may arrive in the form of the London Ambulance Service, Lifeline’s own Visiting Response Team, or an able family member, friend or neighbour.

How to apply

Complete online contact form 

You can also call the Control Centre on 020 8708 5897, where staff will be happy to explain the system further to you or arrange for details to be taken over the phone.

Telecare and Assisted Living Technology

There is a vast range of technology available for installation in the home, designed to promote and prolong independent living. The use of bed and chair sensors, fall detectors and property exit sensors are of great benefit to many Redbridge residents. Such equipment, alongside monitors which can detect potentially dangerous situations such as smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and gas, offer not only independence for the Service User, but also peace of mind for family members.

The various Telecare sensors are linked to the Lifeline alarm service, and are monitored by Redbridge Control Centre staff who will arrange help when the sensors are triggered.

Redbridge Health and Adult Social Services work in partnership with Millbrook Healthcare, who provide this essential equipment to those who have been assessed and are entitled to Council support. To find out if you are entitled to Council support, your individual needs will have to be assessed. If you are eligible for support from the Council then there is no cost in getting the telecare equipment fitted but there may be a weekly monitoring charge payable to Redbridge Lifeline, currently £4.50.

If you cannot afford to pay £4.50 per week, you can complete a Financial Assessment to determine whether you are eligible to receive the Lifeline Service free of charge.

Buying telecare privately

If you do not wish to be assessed by Redbridge Council or following an assessment are not eligible for Council support you can contact the Redbridge lifeline service directly.

You can also access telecare services from other providers. There are organisations that offer this service, and other services that will help you to live an independent life.

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