Health and Social Service (HASS)

The Redbridge Health and Social Service (HASS) is an integrated service for health and adult social care, jointly provided by NELFT NHS Foundation Trust and the London Borough of Redbridge.

The service has a focus on early intervention and prevention to support people who are over the age of 18 and are:

  • vulnerable older people
  • adults with a learning disability and/or on the autistic spectrum
  • adults with a physical and/or sensory disability
  • adults with a mental health issue

The Redbridge HASS consist of four multidisciplinary community health teams located within Fairlop, Cranbrook and Loxford, Wanstead and Woodford and Seven Kings.

Adult Health and Social Care Services (HASS) use the People Matter model of Three Conversations.

We have conversations with people to find out what is really important to them, what they would like to achieve and how to connect them to family and community support networks so they can best maintain their independence.

The People Matter model builds on the strength based approach as outlined in the Care Act which aims to support people to retain their independence, health and wellbeing for as long as possible.

  1.  Conversation 1 supports people to best use their own strengths and connects them to community resources.
  2.  Conversation 2 is about working with people in crisis intensively and dynamically to make an immediate and positive difference, sticking to them like glue for short period of time.
  3.  Conversation 3 supports people who may have longer term social care needs, focuses on what a good life means for them, whilst promoting identified strengths and community assets.     

Want to find out more about how Adults Health and Social Services work with the People Matter model? Please contact

How to contact the service

A team of specialist Wellbeing and First Contact Officers will offer you advice, information and a wellbeing assessment (if needed).

Complete online contact and referral form or telephone 020 8708 7333.

For safeguarding/crisis support referrals email

For mental health support or an assessment email or call 0300 555 1570.

Alternatively, use the MyLife website for information, advice and support services available in Redbridge to help you make the right choices in your life.

Has a staff member gone the extra mile in making a difference

Together with NELFT, our Community Health and Social Care services in Redbridge are taking part in a Make a Difference scheme to recognise the achievements of our staff.

Has a staff member gone the extra mile in making a difference to you as a service user, patient, carer or relative?

For further information and to nominate a staff member or team, please go to