Redbridge Council announces new flat rate of £4.50 per week for users of Lifeline Monitoring Services

Redbridge Cabinet Members have agreed to the introduction of a new flat rate charge of £4.50 per week for users of Lifeline. This change will take effect from 01 August 2021.

This will be a saving for most of our customers. However, this will be an increase in cost for customers who currently receive the service for free (due to receiving financial support), or via Millbrook Healthcare. 

Service users referred to the Lifeline Service via Millbrook’s Health Care will no longer receive the historic discounted price of £2.17.

Why we are proposing these changes now 

Here at Redbridge, we are forward-planning for the British Telecoms Switch-Off 2025. By 2025, our analogue systems will be made redundant, we will no longer be able to maintain contact with our Lifeline users via the traditional landline.

The benefit of the switchover to new technology is that it will enable a more nuanced approach so that service users will have the option to use the Lifeline technology outdoors and not just within the home. Devices can even be used to support those with dementia who are at risk of wandering.

There is an ambitious and essential programme of work happening within the Lifeline service whilst forward-thinking, and continuing to be person-centred.  Before introducing this new technology and model of working, we need to have a consistent approach to our fees, which is why we are proposing these new charges now.

What if users cannot afford the new charge? 

Adult social care services, unlike health care, are not free for everyone. For those who are concerned about the new charges, we have introduced a financial assessment. Individuals who are worried about affordability can complete the form to determine whether they are eligible to receive the service for free.

The assessment considers the individual’s income, spending (including disability-related expenditure), savings and can be completed with a member from the Lifeline team if a user is unable to complete the form themselves.

Financial Assessments

Please note, the charges to existing users will commence on 01 August 2021 and charge of £4.50 will be charged to new users from April 2021 onwards

How to apply for Lifeline Monitoring Services

Complete online contact form 

You can also call the Control Centre on 020 8708 5897, where staff will be happy to explain the system further to you or arrange for details to be taken over the phone.

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