Relationship difficulties

If you’re having a difficult time in your relationship, you can get help to improve it. The organisations below provide support and advice for when your relationship needs it.

Talking Therapies in Redbridge is a free, confidential NHS service that will work with you to help you feel better. They can help with a range of problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement and relationship problems.

Complete online Talking Therapies form or call 0300 555 1200 to arrange an initial telephone appointment.

Relate North East London offers confidential counselling to help you deal with your relationship difficulties. You can access support on your own or with others either face to face, on the phone or through their website.

Visit Relate website or email or telephone 01708 441722

Relate Mediation London North East provides mediation for adults whose relationship has broken down and who wish to use mediation to make decisions about property, finance and children.

Visit Relate Meditation London North East website

The Samaritans (Redbridge) offer confidential and emotional support if something’s troubling you. You can call the branch to find out if someone is available to see you face to face.

Visit Samaritans (Redbridge) websiteor telephone 020 8553 9900

Redbridge Citizens Advice Bureau can offer advice on family matters and individuals' rights, should a partnership or marriage end. Visit Redbridge Citizens Advice Bureau website

CoupleConnection helps you understand your relationship better and gives you ideas to improve it. It provides a range of articles, quizzes, forums and live chats with experienced relationship counsellors.

Visit CoupleConnection website

If you are experiencing domestic violence within your relationship, you can get advice and support.

Visit domestic violence page

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External websites: Relate North East London, Samaritans (Redbridge), Redbridge Citizens Advice Bureau, CoupleConnection